Guest rooms and hot spring

annex room

All of POPPOAN’s annex rooms have semi open aired baths.

4 Cabins in POPPOAN HOTEL are the guest rooms including hot springs.

You can enjoy the beautiful view of Yufuin outside like Mt.YUFU which is also called Bungo Fuji from the semi open-air bath in the room.

Please enjoy the beautiful view of Yufuin at our Semi open-air bath flowing down the fountain.

Spacious 8 tatami mats rooms with Hiroen(Indoor verandah).

This guest room of cabin is a large size room(13㎡) with eave. It is a large size room which is available for 4 adults.

It is a serene wooden guest room. You can enjoy your private time in Yufuin which is far away from noises.

The cloister from Front Desk to cabins is made of bamboos and stones, which brings out a serene atmosphere. And the sound of Japanese clogs would resonate in your heart under a soft lighting.

The semi open-air bath in the guest room is a kind of clear and pure alkaline hot spring flowing down the fountain, which is famous for its skincare effect.

Main : restroom and dining

6 tatami mats rooms with dining

It is a kind of Japanese Style Guest Room in the Main Building, which is different from cabins, and you can enjoy breakfast and dinner inside the room.

There is no bath in the room.However there are two types of private baths outside the room.It’s an indoor bath and an open-air bath.You can use the natural hot spring slowly until the next morning.

You can see the natural and beautiful view of Yufuin outside the window.

This is the restaurant for Guests in the Main Building. Please enjoy your breakfast and dinner in a serene atmosphere.

hot springs for private use. (family bath)

Feel free with Open air bath.

There is one private open-air bath and one private indoor bath in POPPOAN HOTEL.
You can feel free to enjoy hot springs without reservation until morning.

You can enjoy the view of the grand Mt.YUFU and the beautiful Yufuin from open-air bath. Hot springs flowing down from fountain will warm your body and soul.

Indoor baths are made from stone.

The indoor bath connected to the open-air is made of rocks.It is the same as open-air bath, which is the hot spring flowing down from fountain directly.

You can enjoy the unique aroma and sound of indoor bath here.